Women of the Year - Pinnacle Awards Nominations 2020

To nominate a woman for the Women of the Year – Pinnacle Awards 2020 please submit your application below. Applications will be accepted from June 17 – July 31. We recommend reviewing the sample letter before submitting a nomination.

Scoring Definitions 


The Women of the Year - Pinnacle Awards recognizes those women who are ​exemplary leaders in  the Tulsa community, who have served as role models, and whose contributions have made a  long-lasting impact. Women can be nominated in one of the following categories:


Arts and Humanities:​ ​Recognizes the achievement and leadership of women whose contributions in  arts, culture, and heritage inspire and benefit our community. 


Corporate/Business/Trade: ​Recognizes leaders in the professional or business sector whose  innovation has influenced positive change and who are role models in their careers and community  involvement. Also recognizes leaders in the skilled trades, industry, or service sector whose  achievements have broken down barriers and inspired positive change and who are role models in their  careers and community involvement.


Community Building: ​Recognizes influential community builders whose professional or volunteer  leadership and contributions help create a community in which everyone can thrive.


Education and Public Service: ​Recognizes exceptional educators in schools, institutions, or  community programs who are role models in their profession and community involvement, leading and  inspiring positive change. Also recognizes those women who have been leaders in the public  sector--serving the city and state through advocacy, policy creation, or service as a representative at  the local, state, or federal levels.


Rising Star:​ ​Recognizes a young woman who is making significant  contributions to her school, community and/or work place. She demonstrates maturity, innovation,  leadership and inspires others to follow her example.

Corporate Champion:​ ​Recognizes a business in Tulsa, Oklahoma that is exemplary for developing  women as leaders, creating an inclusive work environment, and has dedicated resources to ensuring a  safe and equitable workplace for all. 

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